Is Undermethylation Keeping You Down? What You Can Do

If you’ve struggled most of your life with depression and nervousness, or even tend to feel a little down in the dumps, you might want to check to see if you are undermethylating. Methylation status something I regularly check patients for because it’s a process the body needs to run diverse and vital functions, but oftentimes their methylation processing isn’t quite balanced – causing them to undermethylate or overmethylate.


How to Choose a Good Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor

Most people can relate to the frustrating situation of making an appointment to see their doctor, only for the appointment to start an hour or more later. Then, after a very rushed visit, being sent home with a prescription and no new insight into what exactly is happening with their health.

Mast cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Here’s What You Need to Know When Histamine Goes Haywire

Unfortunately, mast cell disorders and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), in particular, are on the rise these days. I believe it’s in part because of the constant barrage of environmental toxins, molds, and chemicals. 
Let’s take a look at what exactly mast cell activation syndrome is, how it might be causing your mystery symptoms, and what you can do.

Symptoms and Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Could Adrenal Fatigue Be the Sneaky Cause of Your Health Issues? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Chances are that you’ve heard of adrenal fatigue syndrome at some point. Although there is some controversy over whether or not adrenal fatigue is a legitimate diagnosis, there’s no doubt the symptoms are very real.  With adrenal fatigue, some people are told that their symptoms are all in their heads for months before getting a…

6 Simple Steps to Treat Your Depression without Drugs

6 Simple Steps to Treat Your Depression without Drugs

6 Simple Steps to Treat Your Depression without Drugs. Depression is no laughing matter.  It is a very serious ailment affecting nearly 15 million Americans  often treated with potent prescription medications.  Furthermore, side effects of antidepressants run the gamut from decreased libido, to flat emotions, restlessness, sleep disturbances, even thoughts of suicide.   In cases of mild to moderate…

food allergens weight gain

7 Food Allergens That Could Be Causing Your Weight Gain

 Food Allergy “Fat” “Fat” that comes with food sensitivities is a characterized by bloating and fluid retention that many people experience when they ingest these top seven food allergens.  Eating foods that interfere with our body’s chemistry causes tissue swelling, abdominal bloating or even facial puffiness that may have the appearance of real fat. In…

How To Keep Your Gallbladder Happy

How To Keep Your Gallbladder Happy

Lifestyle Recommendations on How To Keep Your Gallbladder Happy Maintain a normal weight. Obese women are seven times more likely to develop gallstones. Obesity increases cholesterol synthesis, which leads to more cholesterol secreted in the bile. Weight loss should occur at a steady pace, since rapid reduction can increase biliary cholesterol saturation. Adequate amounts of healthy…