Dr. Carnahan’s Speaking Engagements

When you meet Dr. Jill, you will immediately sense her compassion and genuine desire to help people find answers and give them hope that they can feel healthy again. Click here for more information on booking Dr. Jill for speaking engagements

Upcoming Events

02dec(dec 2)1:30 pm(dec 2)1:30 pmIFM - Reversing Cognitive Decline - Advanced Clinical TrainingInitiating & Tracking Laboratory Evaluations: Inflammatory, Glycotoxic, Atrophic

02dec(dec 2)5:00 pm(dec 2)5:00 pmIFM - Reversing Cognitive Decline - Advanced Clinical TrainingMycotoxins and Cognitive Impairment: Foundations and Standard Care

02dec(dec 2)7:30 pm(dec 2)7:30 pmIFM - Reversing Cognitive Decline - Advanced Clinical TrainingAdvanced Mycotoxins and other Toxic Contributors: Clinical Experience Optional Software: Adjunct for Clinical Decision Making

03dec(dec 3)1:30 pm(dec 3)1:30 pmIFM - Reversing Cognitive Decline - Advanced Clinical Training (Copy)Synthesis: Case Studies with Sequenced Interventions

13dec(dec 13)2:30 pm(dec 13)2:30 pmThe ABCs of Social MediaPractice Enhancement Training

13dec(dec 13)8:15 pm(dec 13)8:15 pmYou are a Brand, What’s Your Plan?Practice Enhancement Training

13dec(dec 13)8:45 pm(dec 13)8:45 pmGenerating Presence to Attract PatientsPractice Enhancement Training

14dec(dec 14)7:30 am(dec 14)7:30 amClinical Practice ProtocolsA Metabolic Approach: Gastroenterology

14dec(dec 14)8:30 am(dec 14)8:30 amInteractive Gastroenterology CasesGI Effects Test and Urine Dysbiosis | Markers Interpreting SIBO Breath Testing Markers

14dec(dec 14)10:00 am(dec 14)10:00 amInteractive Gastroenterology CasesInflammation: IBD, IBS, Allergies | Infections: Yeast Parasites

06apr(apr 6)1:30 pm(apr 6)1:30 pmEnvironmental Health Symposium 2018, Scottsdale, AZLeave no Toxin BEHIND!! Reducing Body Burden

07apr(apr 7)4:00 pm(apr 7)4:00 pmEnvironmental Health Symposium, Scottsdale, AZStrategies for Decreasing Body Burden: Clinical Cases

Recent Past Events

10nov(nov 10)12:30 pm(nov 10)12:30 pmILADS 18th Annual Scientific ConferenceBotanical Therapies in Lyme Disease - Research and Clinical Applications

07oct(oct 7)12:35 pm(oct 7)12:35 pmEmerging Women LiveWomen Reboot: Overcoming Challenges of Autoimmune, Stress and Anxiety

29sep(sep 29)1:45 pm(sep 29)1:45 pmIntegrative Medicine For Mental Health Conference 2017Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome and the Microbiome

15sep(sep 15)1:30 pm(sep 15)1:30 pmMetabolic Medical Institute - IBD: Functional Medicine Approach to Crohn's and ColitisIBD: Functional Medicine Approach to Crohn

15sep(sep 15)10:00 am(sep 15)10:00 amMetabolic Medical Institute - Autoimmunity and the GutAutoimmunity and the Gut

14sep(sep 14)1:30 pm(sep 14)1:30 pmMetabolic Medical Institute - Digging In: Testing for Gastrointestinal ImbalancesDigging In: Testing for Gastrointestinal Imbalances

09sep(sep 9)1:00 pm(sep 9)1:00 pmReversing Cognitive DeclineAdvanced Clinical Training in Treating MCI and Early Alzheimer's Disease

11aug(aug 11)4:00 pm(aug 11)4:00 pmMetabolic Medical Institute - Module VII: Autoimmune Disease & InflammationAutoimmune Disease and Gastrointestinal Manifestations with Patient Case Examples

11aug(aug 11)1:30 pm(aug 11)1:30 pmMetabolic Medical Institute - Module VII: Autoimmune Disease & InflammationAutoimmune Disease: Cutting Edge Approaches to Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating a 21st Century Epidemic

12jun(jun 12)1:45 pm(jun 12)1:45 pmApplying Functional Medicine in Clinical PracticeDIGIN to Root Causes of Gut Dysfunction

06may(may 6)10:00 am(may 6)10:00 amThe American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - How to Test for Toxic Mold and Other Infectious TriggersHow to Test for Toxic Mold and Other Infectious Triggers

06may(may 6)7:30 am(may 6)7:30 amThe American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - Lab InterpretationWhat You Must Know About GI Health Testing

11mar(mar 11)1:45 pm(mar 11)1:45 pmInstitute for Functional Medicine - Reversing Cognitive DeclineInitiating and Tracking Laboratory Evaluations: Rationale by Subtype

03mar(mar 3)7:30 am(mar 3)7:30 amMetabolic Medical Institute - The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV - Module IIMODULE II: A METABOLIC AND NUTRITIONAL APPROACH TO CARDIOLOGY

02mar(mar 2)1:30 pm(mar 2)1:30 pmEnvironmental Health Symposium 2017, San Diego, CAThe Nuts and Bolts of Environmental Medicine

12nov(nov 12)10:00 am(nov 12)10:00 amCoAND - GI Symposium - Biotoxins, Inflammagens and CIRSGI Symposium

14oct(oct 14)10:05 am(oct 14)10:05 amCIRS - Cutting Edge in Diagnosis and Treatment State of the Art III - CIRS Treatment ProtocolCIRS Treatment Protocol

21sep(sep 21)7:00 am(sep 21)7:00 amMetabolic Medical Institute - Dallas, Texas - MMI Module VIIA Metabolic & Functional Approach to Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease

11aug(aug 11)7:00 am(aug 11)7:00 amMetabolic Medical Institute - Las Vegas, Nevada - Module IVA Metabolic and Nutritional Approach to Gastroenterology

25jun(jun 25)7:00 am(jun 25)7:00 amMetabolic Medical Institute - San Diego California Module XIV (B)Comprehensive Weight Loss for the Integrative Physician

08jun(jun 8)10:00 am(jun 8)10:00 amInterview with Dr. Michelle Robin

19may(may 19)1:00 pm(may 19)1:00 pmA4M World Congress - Dr. JillGood Gut: Understanding Keys to the Microbiome

13may(may 13)8:30 am(may 13)8:30 amModifiable Lifestyle Factors - Dr. JillHow to Create a Powerful Online Presence while Maintaining Balance

12mar(mar 12)8:30 am(mar 12)8:30 amManipulating the Microbiome - Dr. JillA Cutting Edge Approach to Diagnosing & Treating Gut Imbalances

04mar(mar 4)3:00 pm06(mar 6)3:00 pmEnvironmental Health Symposium, San Diego, CAThe Elephant in the Waiting Room

01feb8:00 pm10:00 pmFunctional Forum - Jill CarnahanClinical Case Studies for Tough GI Cases

10dec(dec 10)1:00 pm13(dec 13)1:00 pmThe Good Gut Special all-day workshopAutoimmunity and Gut Microbiome Diversity

12nov(nov 12)1:00 pm15(nov 15)1:00 pm2nd Annual State of the Art in Mold, Wet Buildings and CIRSJoin now, the event is on!

16oct(oct 16)1:00 pm18(oct 18)1:00 pmHeal Thy PracticeTransforming Patient Care

25sep(sep 25)1:00 pm26(sep 26)1:00 pm2015 GI Symposium | New Frontiers in GI MedicineLeveraging the Predict and Prevent Paradigm

24sep(sep 24)1:00 pm(sep 24)1:00 pmGenova Diagnostics: Nutritional Protocols for Environmental ToxicityFree GDX webinar for Clinicians

12dec(dec 12)1:00 pm(dec 12)1:00 pmAnnual World Congress on Anti-agingFunctional Medicine Approach to Gastrointestinal Illness and Immune Dysfunction

19nov(nov 19)1:00 pm(nov 19)1:00 pmGenova Diagnostics free GDX Webinar for CliniciansBeyond Basics: Clinical Case Studies for Difficult GI Pathogens

18nov(nov 18)1:00 pm(nov 18)1:00 pmFood Integrity Now – Healing Your Gut and Autoimmune DiseaseWhat has changed over the last 20 years with our food?

11oct(oct 11)1:00 pm(oct 11)1:00 pmSeeds of Doubt 3rd International ConferenceThe GMO Educational Event of the Year

06oct(oct 6)1:00 pm13(oct 13)1:00 pmNatural Cures SummitDiscover the Secrets to Naturally Heal Your Body!

20sep(sep 20)1:00 pm(sep 20)1:00 pmCoAND Annual ConferenceThe Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors

09jul(jul 9)1:00 pm(jul 9)1:00 pmThe LIVE Functional ForumHumanity Beyond Chronic Disease

24apr(apr 24)1:00 pm(apr 24)1:00 pmBeyond the BasicsFunctional Medicine Approach to Gastrointestinal and Immune Dysfunction

18apr(apr 18)1:00 pm(apr 18)1:00 pmA4M Stress SymposiumHidden Stressors in the Gut: What You Need to Know

05apr(apr 5)1:00 pm(apr 5)1:00 pmThe Thyroid SummitLearn from 30 of brightest thought leaders

Recent podcasts with Dr. Jill
Dr Jill Carnahan - Flatiron Functional Medicine

More podcasts with Dr. Jill
Autoimmune and The Microbiome
Cardiovascular Disease & the Microbiome
Dr Carnahan’s Archived Past Presentations
  • April 26, 2014 – A4M GI Symposium New York City, NY “Treat The Patient, Not the Disease” (http://www.a4m.com/anti-aging-conference-new-york-2014-gi-symposium.html)
  • March 29, 2014 – Vail Living Well Experience “Functional Medicine: Empowering YOU to transform your health!” (http://www.sonnenalp.com/livingwell/)
  • Nov 2, 2013 – 15th Annual Age Management Medicine Groups Annual Conference in Las Vegas
  • October 13th, St. Louis, MO:  SLiiM Symposium 2012 (http://www.sliim.org/symposium.php)
  • April 28th – Chicago, IL: Equip 2012 Seminar Series (http://www.orthomolecularproducts.com/equip/)
  • May 17-19 – Orlando, FL:  American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (http://www.a4m.com/anti-aging-conference-orlando-2012.html)
  • Nov 11, 2011 – GAFP 2011 Annual Scientific Assembly and Exhibition ,“Accelerating the Diagnosis and Treatment of IBS”
  • Sept 30, 2011 – Minnesota Osteopathic Medical Society Annual Fall CME Conference, “The Continuum of Pre-Diabetes”
  • April 2011 – Lakeshore Athletic Club – Flatirons, “Ten Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer”
  • Oct 24th, 2009 – 18th Annual Women’s Lifestyle Show – Peoria Civic Center, “”Moods & Foods: How to Overcome Emotional Eating for a New You!”
  • Oct 25th 2008 – 17th Annual Women’s Lifestyle Show – Peoria Civic Center, “Hope & Renewal: Healing our Minds, Bodies, & Spirits!”
  • April 9, 2008 – United Presbyterian Church “Lunch and Learn Series, “What is Integrative Medicine?
  • April 29, 2008 – Cancer Center for Healthy Living Benefit “Hope and Renewal: Healing our Minds, Bodies, and Spirits”
  • October 27, 2007 – Annual Women’s Lifestyle Show “An Integrative Medical Approach to Stress Related Illness and Hormone Balance”
  • Oct 6, 2007 – Paint the Town Pink Benefit Tea & Fashion Show – Macomb, IL –“Understanding Breast Cancer and Prevention”
  • Oct 2, 2007 – Woodford County Health Dept, Eureka College – 7:00pm – “Breast Cancer Awareness – living well!”
  • June 26, 2007 – Methodist Women’s Physician Forum – “Physician Heal Thyself”
  • April 7, 2007 – 4th Annual Women’s Business Expo – “Integrative Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Wellness”
  • Feb 22, 2007 – Crohns and Colitis Foundation of Illinois – “Integrative Medical Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease”
  • Feb 8, 2007 – University of Illinois Dept of Family Medicine Grand Rounds – “Natural Hormone Balance – A Science-Based Overview”
  • Oct 28, 2006 – Annual Women’s Lifestyle Show – “Introduction to Integrative Medicine”
  • Oct 21, 2006 – First Annual Holistic Health Expo – “Introduction to Integrative Medicine”
Event Testimonials

Hi Jill, I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration! I met you at my first IFM meeting, Denver Detox and have been full steam ahead. Just became certified at age 60. Not sure how long I am going to work, but having fun and finally feel as though I am making a difference. Thanks again, Lydia from Sarasota, FL

Lydia Corn
Lydia Corn, MD
Functional Medicine Practitioner

I’m out of superlatives to use to describe you, brilliant, empowering, and real for a start. Your story is unbelievable as is your charisma. I’m so grateful I had a chance to visit with you. Your part of this excellent workshop was just perfect, educational and very empowering. You are a real life hero for us!

Dr. Guy Danielson, III MD
Guy O. Danielson III, MD

I loved your presentation at the environmental conference. So solid. You’re also working hard to improve patient’s lives – and through your own trials, have learned a ton about mold and environmental issues.  Keep up the great work!!

Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch

Jill C’s lectures in the Good Gut were some of the best I have heard in A4m. Full of clinical pearls, she knows her stuff. I highly recommend we see more of her at A4M/MMI.

Good Gut
Good Gut

Really appreciated Dr Jill’s patience and willingness to stay to let us ask questions. We need more willing mentors like her!!

Dr. K
Dr. K

I Love the presentation by Dr. aristo and I really like the interactive and helpful material presented by the others especially doctor Carnahan

Dr. M
Dr. M

Jill Carnahan was very good. A smooth presentation with many pearls.

Dr. P
Dr. P
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