The Mission of Flatiron Functional Medicine

At Flatiron Functional Medicine we believe that you can achieve optimal health regardless of the presence or absence of disease.  Building on our philosophy of loving people first, we strive to create an environment filled with hope and healing.  As we listen carefully to your concerns, we partner with you to create a personalized treatment plan focused on treating the root cause of an illness and empowering your body to begin the innate healing process.

Hope (belief in a positive outcome)
  • Creating an environment of hope that fosters a healing environment
  • Genuine love for all patients as the foundation of healing
Health (state of optimal physical, mental, social, emotional well-being)
  • Pursuing optimal wellness regardless of presence or absence of disease
  • Partnering with patient to create a dynamic state of energy and vitality
  • Empowering patients to take an active role in their health
Healing (restoring function and repairing damage to the human body)
  • Seeking the root cause of your illness (rather than simply treating your symptoms) and restoring balance
  • Building a relationship of trust as we partner to seek solutions
  • Reversing the course of complex chronic disease by changing lifestyle
  • Believing in the innate healing ability of the body if given the right foundational nutrients

Principles of an Integrative Holistic Medical Practice

Click to download the “Principles of an Integrative Holistic Medical Practice”