Ginseng For Chronic Fatigue: This Herb’s Remarkable Effects

Ever experienced a day when getting out of bed feels like a monumental feat, as if you’ve just run a marathon in your sleep? Or found yourself wondering why a good night’s rest hasn’t rejuvenated you the way it used to?  If the mere thought of checking off your to-do list leaves you utterly drained,…


How Melatonin Impacts Inflammation: The Impressive Anti-Inflammatory Power of “Vitamin M”

When you hear the word melatonin, chances are, you automatically think about sleep. Of all the supplements that are readily available, melatonin is by far one of the most popular thanks to its high-profile reputation as a powerful, all-natural sleep aid. But melatonin isn’t just a supplement you find in the pharmacy aisle of your…

Autoimmune Encephalitis

Could Autoimmune Encephalitis Be Caused by Mold, Lyme, and Hidden Infections? The Fascinating Link

Imagine feeling like you’re suddenly losing your mind. One day you’re perfectly healthy and going about your day-to-day life, and suddenly you begin losing your grip on reality – experiencing significant changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and even control over your own body. This isn’t just some hypothetical nightmare. This is the frightening reality for…

Lab Tests

15 Essential Lab Tests Everyone Should Consider by the Time They’re 30

What comes to mind when you think of ways to be proactive about your health? If things like a healthy diet, exercise, and getting plenty of sleep pop into your head, you’re certainly not wrong.  But there’s one often overlooked step that, as a Functional Medicine Doctor, I always recommend as one of the most…

Give the Gift of Wellness this Season: Dr. Jill’s Personal Picks for 2022!

The holidays are right around the corner. And you’re probably mulling over what to get your loved ones and what to put on your own wish list. Well, I’ve got you covered – here are my favorite healthy gifts and ideas to help you give the gift of wellness this holiday season. 

The Mighty Mitochondria and Its Fascinating Role in Fungal Infections

Today we’re going to explore exactly what a fungal infection is, some common infections triggered by invading fungi, how we’re currently treating these infections, the fascinating role the mitochondria play in all of it, and most importantly – how you can best shield yourself from contracting a fungal infection. Let’s dive in.