Limbic System

How Multiple Chemical Sensitivities May Be Linked to Your Limbic System

Have you ever had someone tell you something is “all in your head”? Or been dismissed as dramatic or even delusional when you try to explain how you’re feeling? This is the unfortunate reality for many people who struggle with an “invisible illness” known as multiple chemical sensitivities. But as it turns out, telling those…

Mycotoxins and the Microbiome

Mycotoxins and the Microbiome: A Fascinating Look at How They Affect One Another

While we’d all like to think of our bodies as our own, the truth is a little bit more complicated than that. You see, our bodies are cohabitated by trillions of microorganisms that collectively make up your microbiome. While it’s obvious that these microscopic organisms rely on us to survive, what’s less obvious is that…

Is Gadolinium Helpful or Harmful

Is Gadolinium Helpful or Harmful? An Exploration of Gadolinium Retention and Toxicity

Modern-day medicine and technology have revolutionized our ability to “look within” – allowing us to quite literally get a glimpse of what’s going on inside of our bodies. And while these technological advances have drastically improved our ability to detect, diagnose, and treat countless conditions, these tools can also have a dark side. In some…

Give the Gift of Wellness this Season: Dr. Jill’s Personal Picks for 2022!

The holidays are right around the corner. And you’re probably mulling over what to get your loved ones and what to put on your own wish list. Well, I’ve got you covered – here are my favorite healthy gifts and ideas to help you give the gift of wellness this holiday season. 


Could Your Blood Contain Plastic? The Dangers of Microplastics and How to Protect Yourself

Today we’re going to dive into exactly what microplastics are, how they’re making their way into our bloodstream and tissues, and explore what impact these plastic particles may have on our health. And most importantly, we’ll cover some practical ways you can protect yourself from this influx of microplastics in our world.