Red Light Therapy

Turn On The Red Light! Red Light Therapy Charges Your Mitochondria, Revitalizes Your Skin, and Reduces Pain

We are creatures that evolved to live in light. These days we spent about 90% of our time indoors and as a result have significantly reduced the amount of exposure we get to various light wavelengths. Also called photobiomodulation, red light therapy provides just the right wavelengths our body uses for rejuvenating processes.

fake supplement

The Fake Supplement Issue No One Is Talking About – Beware of Amazon

The problem is so out of control it’s crushing small businesses and leaving customers with imitation products. I see this as a pervasive problem that is hurting numerous people. As a doctor, what comes to mind when I hear all of this is the growing issue of fake supplements.


How to Choose a Good Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor

Most people can relate to the frustrating situation of making an appointment to see their doctor, only for the appointment to start an hour or more later. Then, after a very rushed visit, being sent home with a prescription and no new insight into what exactly is happening with their health.

Low Folate Levels Linked to Depression

Low Folate Levels Linked to Depression

September 24, 2010 — Lower serum folate levels appear to be associated with an increased risk for depressive symptoms, a large population-based, cross-sectional study suggests. Data on US adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) show elevated depressive symptoms were inversely associated with folate status, particularly among women. “We found that the…