Raw & Dairy Free Spinach Soup
  1. This is the part you’ll love. No soup pans. No waiting for hours. Put all of the ingredients in your high powered blender and puree. I put the juicy stuff at the bottom so that it makes some liquid. Then I use the tamper to push the spinach and celery down in there when there’s a little liquid.
  2. Puree about 60 seconds, pour into your favorite beautiful bowl, and consume. Wash the blender and in about 2 hours, you’ll be ready to do it again. It’s fast and easy.
  3. It’s room temperature. If you want it chilled, I’d suggest chilling your oranges and mango’s first.
  4. It’s also best if you make a batch and eat it right away. It doesn’t save that well and you don’t want that avocado oxidizing in there, making bad unhealthy fat.
Recipe Notes

Optional:  some cilantro, basil, mint, thyme, fennel leaves, or parsley (but not all of them!)

If mango’s are out of season, throw in a big fat ripe tomato!  Just be sure it has either the mango, or the orange, to get the sweetness!