Browse a variety of patient care handouts on many popular topics. Dr Carnahan’s specialized diet guidelines are also available to download.

Specialized Dietary Guidelines

Handouts on dietary recommendations for common conditions and food allergies.

  • Anti-Herpes [pdf]: For improved lysine/arginine ratio and boosting the immune response.
  • Arthritis Diet [pdf]: Dietary suggestions for those suffering from arthritis or rheumatism.
  • Bland Diet [pdf]: May relieve symptoms for those suffering from peptic ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, or other GI disorders.
  • Cancer diet [pdf]: Dietary guidelines for those interested in cancer prevention.
  • Candida Diet [pdf]: Dietary information to assist patients with symptoms of candidiasis.
  • Cholesterol Diet [pdf]: Excellent dietary advice to lower your cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Corn Allergy [pdf]: Foods to avoid if you have a known corn allergy.
  • Dairy Allergy [pdf]: Foods to avoid if you have a known dairy allergy.
  • Detox – Colitis Die [pdf]: Short term dietary recommendations as part of a long term effort to control inflammatory bowel disorders.
  • Egg Allergy [pdf: Foods to avoid if you have a known egg allergy.
  • General Diet [pdf]: General dietary suggestions for a healthier YOU!
  • High Energy-Low Stress [pdf]: Dietary ideas to improve your energy level and combat stress.
  • Hypo-Allergenic Diet [pdf]: If you have been diagnosed with food allergies, here are guidelines to approach elimination testing.
  • Hypo-Glycemia Diet [pdf]: Guidelines for patients who suffer from hypoglycemia.
  • Low Purine Diet [pdf]: Dietary guidelines for patients who have gout.
  • Triglyceride Diet [pdf]: Dietary guidelines to lower your triglycerides.
  • Wheat Allergies [pdf]: Foods to avoid if you have a known wheat allergy.
  • Celiac [pdf]: Learn more about celiac disease and its affect on your health.

Integrative Medicine Handouts

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