Crystal has been a board-certified physician assistant (PA) since 2004 and has treated many thousands of patients in private practice, hospital medicine, emergency medicine and functional medicine clinical settings. She completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and received her Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from the University of Colorado School of Medicine PA program. She is a senior instructor and clinical faculty member for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She has completed a functional medicine fellowship with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and became an IFM certified provider (IFMCP) in May 2021.

Crystal’s journey as a healthcare provider has been influenced and guided from her journey as a patient. She is a cancer survivor since 2013 and has survived multiple recurrences of Stage III advanced metastatic melanoma. As a side effect from her frequent and difficult treatments, she developed and continues to live with numerous auto-immune diseases. She focuses on healthy lifestyle practices and uses a combination of conventional, integrative and functional medicine to help her achieve optimal health at any given time.

Crystal believes that when faced with difficulties we are all capable of finding hope, resiliency and resourcefulness. It is her mission to use functional medicine to help you in discovering full mind-body wellness to achieve your most powerful, purposeful and passionate life. She knows full well the frustrations and struggles of living with chronic disease and will guide you with empathy on your healing journey.

Her clinical interests in functional medicine include a focus on treating gastrointestinal issues– including SIBO, SIFO, IBS and IBD—thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, hormone balancing and detoxification. She is thrilled to be joining Dr. Jill Carnahan at Flatiron Functional Medicine to help you find the answers to the root cause of your illness and treat you with a personalized medicine approach.

Crystal is a 5th generation Colorado native raised on her family farm in eastern Colorado. She and her husband Bob are the parents to three beautiful and active teenage daughters. She can often be found at the gym, watching her daughters at lacrosse or basketball games, sitting at a coffee shop while reading the latest in functional medicine, trying out new recipes, finding new restaurants, planning her next travel adventure or hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her family.