Chia Lemon Water

Drink More Water! Start your day of by drinking 8-12oz of water in the morning.  This is particularly important during a diet change as it improves cognitive function, gastrointestinal function, kidney function, decrease headaches. 

YUM Strawberry Jelly

YUM Strawberry Jelly

YUM Strawberry Jelly Because of the use of low-glycemic sugar-free sweetening, combined with the naturally low carbohydrate density of strawberries, this delectable dessert is diabetic-friendly! The test kitchens said it all about this recipe: “Loved it. Can’t wait to make it again.” “Easy peasy… Perfect as-is.” “ My young daughter loved it and I love…

Chicken Stock + Soup

Learn how to make homemade Chicken Stock & Chicken Soup thanks to Brandi Mackenzie! Check out her Autoimmune Coaching Program here. “Chicken soup is one of the most nourishing meals you can cook for yourself and your loved ones. There’s a reason you are called to it when sick or healing… it soothes a chilled body, an…