I am a retired Physician who practice Radiation Oncology for 40 years, but also did Metabolic Medicine one day per week for 25+ years. At the Alternative Clinic I treated everything, cancer, heart disease, strokes, autoimmune, chronic fatigue, Autism, etc. The crazy thing was many cancer patients kept themselves alive for 3-5 years after failing conventional treatment by using a variety of glycolysis inhibitors (including 100,000 to 125,000 mg Vit C drips given over 3 to 3.5 hours) and special diets very low in sugar. The goal was to get into or close to ketosis, as this decreased the main cancer food, sugar. Diet was always a mainstay in therapy for any metabolic misadventure. I want to give your work a big thumbs up. No one is going to be healthy on a diet bad diet. The low amylose diet is one of the hardest to follow, but one of the most rewarding for “HLA challenged” individuals with biotoxin syndrome. Conventional medicine is so far off the rails that it is embarrassing. Kudo’s to you. We have a son who lives in Denver, and he keeps me working on taking my long term Metabolic Medicine experience and putting this into a website “ThePatintsCorner.com”. He keeps telling me that his generation is really looking for alternatives to drug pumping. Thanks you again for your excellent rendition of the Low Amylose Diet. Keep up the good work.